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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

More Cloisonne!

 I've been creating more cloisonne pieces, and this is what is coming together in my studio! 
(I've written about cloisonne before, and you can find that post here.)
Top: Petals in 3d, earring and pendants; Bottom Left: Circle Pendant without color; Bottom Right: Circle Pendant with color

I really enjoyed creating these pieces, and continually draw inspiration from Frey Wille Jewelry. I could sit and stare at their jewelry for hours, it's absolutely gorgeous and always a conversation piece. 

The pieces pictured are uncured (still soft) polymer clay. The clay has been shaped and sliced to the desired look, and then decorated with forged wire and then hand painted.

The Petals in 3d pieces shown will be a set that includes: drop earrings, and a solitary pendant as a necklace. 

The Circle Pendant will be added to a chain and sold individually. 

All pieces will be cured until hard and then preserved in several layers of clear resin.

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